About BRP

Backroads Paranormal was formed out of Bud Steed’s desire to have an informal team of friends and dedicated investigators that specializes in only investigating and researching historical sites and buildings. The abundance of historical records and documents associated with these sites give a tremendous amount of research material to help prove or disprove whatever claims that might have been made about the site. In addition, the research material gives a way to cross reference any evidence that might have been gotten during an investigation, such as names, dates, and any captured video or still images.

Backroads Paranormal utilizes a wide range of methods to gather evidence of life after death. We aren’t afraid to experiment with new ideas or use tried and true methods to help us during our investigations. We like hard evidence such as EVP’s and images, but we are also open to more spiritual types of evidence gathering and don’t discount the possibility that someone might be “more in tune” with the unseen than someone else; as long as the evidence, regardless of how it was obtained, can be traced back and verified through historical documentation, we could care less the method with which it was gathered.

While we only accept as firm evidence that which we can verify through historical documentation or which is obtained through electronic means, such as digital still or video cameras, we always leave it up to you to decide for yourselves if it is indeed paranormal or not. We don’t claim to know everything about the paranormal; we aren’t scientists, tech guru’s or experts in a particular field of study, we simply have a strong desire and burning curiosity to try and experience and share as much as possible in regard to the paranormal.

We hope you will take the time to review our website (which is a continual work in progress) and check us out on social media, as we will post updates to our Facebook page as often as possible.