Team Members

We are an informal group who come from diverse backgrounds and everyone brings something new and interesting to the table. Our one common goal is to document anomalies, try to find a logical explanation for them, and present our findings for everyone to draw their own conclusions from. Here’s a little about each of us.

Bud Steed: Founder/Investigator

Bud Steed has been investigating and researching the paranormal for over 38 years, taking part in his first investigation in Germany in 1979. Having conducted hundreds of investigations, it is his belief that we simply trade one form of energy for another when we die, and that the spark of intelligence, the thing that makes us individuals, continues to survive. Bud prefers to investigate historical sites and buildings as the potential for better public records and historical documents exist which enables the cross reference of evidence to better validate it. Bud has written seven books, six of those on the paranormal with five of them being reviewed and accepted for inclusion into the Library of Congress.


John Healea: Investigator

John Healea began his interest in the paranormal and the unknown at an early age. He developed this interest based on an experience he had as a kid and that experience opened the door for additional investigations and research into alleged paranormal activity. John has been investigating and researching now for over twenty years and has experienced some amazing activity throughout various locations across the United States. This love of history and the paranormal led to his involvement as a former weekly paranormal guide and historian at one of the most haunted locations in the United States, the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO. John has since started his own paranormal brand, Hotrod Paranormal, and is currently the host of Hotrod Paranormal Radio, a podcast that is listened to from coast to coast and overseas.


Jeff Teeters: Investigator

I became interested in the paranormal after staying with my mother, in her upstairs, a room full of creepy porcelain dolls. Many unexplainable things happened in the house, so I began researching and was interested by what I saw. Also, being a Paramedic and being present when death occurs, made me curious about what happens ‘in the end’. I have investigated with a few different teams over the years, and have a natural love history.



Sean Steed: Investigator in Training

Sean is the son of Backroads Paranormal founder, Bud Steed, and developed an interest in the paranormal at a very early age. He has accompanied his father on numerous investigations as well as research trips for his books and has proven himself to be a very competent investigator. While still relatively new to the field, he has demonstrated a respect for the alleged spirits as well as the willingness and ability to learn new techniques and ideas.